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Teresa Sammut Priddy
My Sacred Space

Sacred Divine Channeler, Vibrational Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Teacher.


About Me

Teresa is dedicated to anchor the consciousness of divine love. Teresa assists to heal and release deepest wounds of the collective feminine and is assisted with the help of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary as well as other Ascended Masters Healers.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


My Treatments

Energy Healing
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Massage and Healing

Teresa offers a therapeutic massage with healing. She works with the muscles supporting relaxation and nurturing of the body as a whole. Teresa’s treatments include cupping, hot stones and vibration healing as well. A niche treatment overall releasing, therapeutic and nourishing for the body.

Intuitive Vibrational Hands-on Healing

This ancient healing way transforms blockage within the body back into your natural flow and rhythm of your body.  A deep way of healing those things that you don’t want to express. Vibrational Healing transforms and diminishes anxiety held within. Teresa encourages her students to be centered and allow this natural energy to flow.

Sacred Space Readings/Channelings

Teresa’s channelings allow the guides to give support and answers in a sacred space of love and compassion. There is sometimes a healing is offered in the channel.  This space is both supportive and healing allowing you to be comfortable, relaxed and open to receive.

Image by Andreas Slotosch
Image by Casey Horner


Teresa has over 20 years’ experience in her industry. Teresa has taught at TAFE for 12 years and privately as well. She encourages her students to succeed. Teresa teaches massage for students to treat family and friends. Her style of massage is therapeutic massage. A combination of what she learnt.

Absent Healing

There are days and there a day’s... Sometimes life throws us too much. With your permission she can send you healing to help pick you up and centre you back into your natural flow.

House and Land Cleansing

Spaces and places can become cluttered with old and stale energies from ancestors or predecessors. Teresa clears the stagnant energy within your property and dwellings.

Buddha Statue


A guided meditation remembering the place that you originated from. Meditation gives you access to your own inner being and sanctuary for peace and centering.



Our family has known Teresa for approximately 10yrs .... during this time we have found her to be an impeccable healer and therapist. She has many modalities of healing in her tool kit and will try everything she can to improve the health and well-being of her clients. She is kind compassionate and works from a place of non-judgement. We trust her implicitly and welcome her to shine her bright light and guide humanity through the uncertain times that we are all experiencing.  


Everyone wishes for a reliable, genuine, and sincere source of help and guidance in their life. Teresa is a gifted intuitive healer who can deliver messages and information to assist people on their path of healing. Teresa’s heart is in her work, and she is the real deal. You will not regret the session that you have with her.


Teresa's healing sessions are gentle, powerful, and life-affirming. 


She creates a safe, grounded, and loving healing space and facilities with ease and grace the feminine healings powers to assist us in moving through our fears and dis-ease with unconditional compassion.  


She brings through healing guidance and wisdom that is timeless and relevant to the challenge we are am experiencing in life.  Her years of experience and passion for humanity are pronounced in her writings, meditations, and ceremonies. 



Get in Touch

5985 Kennedy Highway, Walkamin,

Queensland, 4872, Australia

Thanks for contacting me! I'll be in touch shortly.

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