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My Story

Teresa is dedicated to anchor the consciousness of divine love. Teresa assists to heal and release deepest wounds of the collective feminine and is assisted with the help of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary as well as other Ascended Masters Healers.

Born in Innisfail, Country Queensland, Australia. Raised in a farming community of maltese heritage. Lives in Walkamin Queensland Australia with her devoted loving husband, Mother to four children and grandmother to seven grandchildren.  Have travelled to Vietnam, Bali, NZ, Europe and Australia.

Unfolding the layers of life have been challenging at times but also so rewarding. My journey of life has been inspiring and educational. The hardest lesson I have endured is trusting myself with my capabilities. I am inspired by the wisdom of the elders and how elders mould their lives into what life makes them.

My gifts are listening to people and resolving what they may be feeling. My passion is connection with spirit and hearing and seeing the messages that are given. I love to hold space for people to have them realise how beautiful they truly are. I have love and compassion for those around me.

 I love my healing space which I call My Sacred Space. A name given to me by spirit. We all hold light and frequency. We are here to shine that light as bright as we can and to resonate to our highest frequency.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Michael Dziedzic

My Approach

I offer treatments around Sacred Space Vibrational Healing.

Sacred Space Channeling Ascended Masters, each session is a deep and powerful healing releasing old programming. Heart activation, DNA upgrading and higher consciousness activations.

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